Stand Apart or Blend in? It’s up to you.

I have helped many home owners and property managers with color schemes for properties ranging from a mobile home to an apartment complex. While I typically am hired to color the exterior, I have helped many friends and clients color their interiors as well.

The Process

For exteriors, I usually begin by taking a photograph of the front of the property so that I have details to work with, like trim, windows, doors. I check if the windows are vinyl, which usually can not be painted and therefore, must be taken into account in selecting trim color(s). I also take a look at other houses on your block. If your adjacent neighbors have green houses, choose something else – be different! I have swatchbooks from Sherwin Williams and Kelly Moore, but I can work with swatches from any paint vendor you prefer.

Using my computer, I digitally apply color to the photo to show how the property will look with new color schemes. I typically select 3 colors for the main part of the house and show how each of these will look with a couple of options for trim. I can do as many or as few as you like. If you have a color you’re thinking about, but aren’t sure about it even after applying a small patch to test it, this might be a better way for you to go. I will provide an estimate after viewing the property. It’s also a great tool to show your painter to avoid miscommunication. Another option is to have me visit the property with you while we take a look at some swatches which would be charged at an hourly rate.

Out of town?

If you are not in my vicinity, you can email a photo of the property to me and I’ll work with that.

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