Branciforte St.

Branciforte original

The request to color this property came from the property manager. Most of the houses on both sides of this block are green, and this off-white was quite bland in comparison, so we agreed that yellow would be a good choice for the main color. It would blend well on the block with all those green houses, and provide a break in the block’s color palette.

Branciforte 1

First I applied the main color, a nice golden hue, to the body of the house and selected a nice contrasting blue which I used to color the entry way canopy and columns. These older windows are all wood and could be painted, but I liked the white on the wide borders.

Branciforte 3

Finally, I added that same blue trim color to the gutters, the trim around the window glass and the sills, leaving the outer trim on the windows white. What a difference some color makes!

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