Florida 5

Light and cool colors do well in hot climates. So this color scheme uses a very light yellow (light color) and a bluish gray (cool color) for the shutters, and white trim around the windows. Light colors don’t show fading as much, and they also just make us feel cooler when we look at them.

Florida 2

Another option was to keep a light color on the main body but to add a little more drama and contrast by using a deep red for the shutters. I also splashed a little on and near the front door.

Florida 1

Sticking with lighter colors, I tried a soft yellow and a soft green for the shutters, keeping the entire color scheme soft and easy on the eye.

Florida final

And here is the black and white version. I find its high contrast very appealing and despite the black trim, the white on the main body keeps it looking fresh and cool.

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