Monthly Archives: July 2013

Tight Budgets

Times are tough… for all of us. But your business image still matters. We’re all trying to do more with less. But don’t let your business image suffer. If you need a logo, brochure, postcard, website, don’t wait until business has picked up to start. You probably need it now more than ever.

Most designers will work within your budget and should be able to lay out exactly what you’ll get for your investment.

Template services have their place. They’re quick and easy and you can see changes immediately when you feel like changing the look. But once you have a look that fairly represents your business, don’t change it around too drastically too frequently. I’m using a template for this BLOG, but I added my own header with my logo and colors. Templates are okay as long as it’s a media where you don’t mind looking like thousands of other businesses. If you design buildings, you don’t want to have the same aesthetic representation of your business as your local dry cleaner.

Whatever you choose to do, just remember it’s important to have a professional appearance.

Good luck and here’s to a better future. In the very near future.