Monthly Archives: March 2016

A friend of mine created a website to provide a calendar of events with information about all the arts and entertainment activities occurring in Vallejo CA. Below are the design concepts I developed for this project’s logo.

Arts Vallejo 1

Arts Vallejo 2

These are the first two designs I did. They are both very strong graphics, however I discovered that the name was actually longer – Vallejo Arts & Entertainment, so I continued.

Arts Vallejo 3

I liked the idea of creating the V for Vallejo out of the image. I build the A and the E so that they were equal in thickness to the thickest part of the “rays” in the image.

Arts Vallejo 6

Next I decided to play with the tail of the V and created a couple of swash shapes.

Arts Vallejo 4

In this one I used the tail of the V to create sort of a heart shape.

Arts Vallejo 5

Arts Vallejo 7

Visit the website to see which one was selected.